Network management

A large IT network requires having professional supervision over it. Systematic inspections of active devices are necessary. In addition to providing knowledge about potential malfunctions, they also allow to determine the need to update their software which should always be carried out immediately. In case of errors, it is also important to maintain a backup copy of the configuration of active devices.

Firewall, as one of the basic elements of a secure network, requires special attention from the administrator. Firewall logs all events that only an experienced IT specialist can correctly interpret and later take appropriate actions if necessary.


The enormous amount of data flowing through the network also requires IT monitoring. Only network monitoring software and an experienced specialist together are able to spot and correctly interpret potentially dangerous network traffic.

It is recommended to perform safety scans (penetration tests) of the network periodically. Subjecting the infrastructure to simulated attacks, we check its vulnerability to real threats. This allows you to gain confirmation of the high security level of the infrastructure or obtain information about its weak points requiring intervention.