Windows & Linux management

All implemented systems and services require constant care of professionals to ensure their efficient and safe operation. Administrative work can be divided into four aspects: preventive actions, monitoring, verification and reacting to events.

One of the key elements is management of updates. Updates contain fixes related to the performance of the infrastructure and also eliminated detected, potential threats to system security. At the same time, the administrator must carefully verify whether the update will be fully compatible with your hardware and software before it is implemented.

All significant or abnormal events are recorded by the system in the so-called system logs. Unfortunately, computers are not able to fully autonomously determine which events require or will require administrator’s intervention. Therefore, we recommend carrying out periodic verification of system logs. Our engineers, experienced in this type of work, are able to carry out verification both quickly and carefully at the same time.

Nowadays, almost every company has backup copies. However, in the IT security industry, we think that only regularly verified backup copy can be qualified as a valuable element of the security system in the company. Therefore, such inspections are one of the basic elements of system administration.

The final element of the whole administration process is IT monitoring of services. It guarantees that the administrator will be immediately informed about the need of taking action. More information on this subject can be found in the article on IT monitoring.