Website protected certificate

A website is a showcase of every company. An investment in its security should be a priority for any entrepreneur, regardless of the nature of the business.

“Website Protected” means constant supervision and care over the website. This guarantees its highest availability.

Website Protected certificate includes, among others:

Monitoring and updating CMS, plugins, themes

On the Internet you can find opinions that popular CMSes (such as WordPress) are not secure. This information can be considered as a myth, but only when we make sure that all software, including plugins and themes, is constantly updated. Monitoring system verifies in real time if CMS and plugins are up to date and makes our engineers immediately aware of all available updates.

Content monitoring

We implement a solution that constantly monitors content of the website. It allows you to detect all unauthorized attempts to edit the content of the site (eg by malware). This way it is possible to avoid many disasters and shorten the time of unavailability of the site in the event of an attack.

Penetration tests

Being safe means being always one step ahead of cyber criminals. To achieve this, it is necessary to perform penetration tests periodically. These are simulations of real attacks aimed at practical evaluation of the website’s security. This is an advanced security analysis made from the perspective of a hacker. Penetration tests check in detail system’s vulnerability to malware, injection of SQL code, Cross Site Scripting, brute-force attacks, Authorization Bypass, Insecure Communications, Information Leakage, Security Misconfiguration.

Antivirus scanning

We all have anti-virus software on ours workstations. The face of a modern company – the website – must be looked after in a similar way. Having that in mind, we periodically check all website-related files on the server using dedicated antivirus software.

Verification of the backup copy

Every good web hosting service provides us with a backup copy of the website. Unfortunately, experience shows that a large part of backups are not possible to restore due to misconfigurations. Backups of our clients are regularly verified to ensure that in the event of a failure we will be able to restore the website in the blink of an eye.

SSL certificate

SSL certificate guarantees confidentiality of communication. The fact that a website has such a certificate is clearly visible by every user in the form of a green padlock in the browser next to the website’s address. This is one of the ways of showing our clients that we are serious about data security.