IT infrastructure monitoring

IT monitoring is a very important element of the IT infrastructure. It allows us to learn on instant about all disturbing changes happening in the network and on servers and thus we are able to ensure their fast, uninterrupted and safe functioning. Virtline offers a service of real-time monitoring of the client’s infrastructure along with the possibility of reacting to alerts. We offer to carry out this type of work using an existing monitoring system as well as using monitoring previously implemented by our company.


IT monitoring allows us to:

  • Foresee the occurrence of a malfunction: we are constantly being informed about all disturbing changes on the server, such as low availability of resources. Modern monitoring is able to predict even some hardware failures – eg by observing irregularities in the operation of the hard drive, we can replace it before the actual failure happens.
  • Respond quicker in the event of a malfunction: the monitoring system constantly checks the correctness of services functioning. In case of any problems it immediately notifies responsible personnel (eg by an e-mail or a text). In most of the cases, the engineer has a chance to react before the failure can affect the end-users.
  • Automation: a professional server monitoring configuration allows the system to respond to certain malfunctions on its own. This provides our clients with a guarantee of an immediate solution to a problem, at the same time lowering costs related to interventions of an IT specialist.