Disk Arrays

Virtline's disk arrays provide secure data storage with high availability and performance. Ideal for companies needing reliable systems to manage large amounts of data, ensuring storage and backup optimization.

Advanced Storage Solutions from Dell

In a world where data is one of the most valuable resources of any organization, advanced storage solutions from Dell, including the Dell PowerStore and Dell PowerVault series, offer unparalleled capabilities in terms of storage, management, and data protection. These innovative storage systems are designed to meet the dynamically evolving requirements of businesses and complex IT environments, combining the latest technology, performance, and scalability.

Dell PowerStore Series

The Dell PowerStore Series is an innovative data storage and management solution designed for dynamically growing businesses and demanding IT environments. PowerStore combines advanced technology, performance, and scalability to meet the needs of modern organizations in efficient data management.

Dell PowerVault Series

PowerVault offers reliable data storage solutions that are protected against loss and damage. With advanced security technologies, data is safeguarded at every stage of storage and transmission. The PowerVault Series allows for easy scalability, enabling organizations to match storage capacity to their current and future needs. It is an ideal solution for both small businesses and large corporations. Providing quick access to stored data, PowerVault ensures smooth operation of business applications and efficient user productivity.