Implementing a telephone exchange guarantees modern internal and external communication. Our solutions are tailored to the business needs of any scale, offering reliability, flexibility, and user-friendly operation while simultaneously reducing operational costs.


Despite mobile phones taking lead on the market during the last decade, fixed-line telephony still has a lot to offer in its more modern versions. VoIP telephony (colloquially called Internet telephony) gives us unlimited possibilities of configuration which makes it an ideal solution for a company that wants to provide friendly contact opportunity to its clients and employees.

We base implementation of VoIP exchange on Asterisk software. It is one of the most popular systems of this type and thus one of the best developed in the world. In addition, it is an open source project with no license costs and gives vast possibilities of adapting to the requirements of a specific client.

Among features of the VoIP exchanges we find:

Redirection, Internal numbers


IVR (option to select an item from the menu)


We provide VoIP integration with Microsoft Outlook

Employees of the company can connect by phone from the Outlook application. The email software is connected with the employee’s email accounts. This solution can save up to a dozen minutes a day. Instead of manually searching for contacts on the phone, the connection is dialed from Microsoft Outlook. It is reached via Internet links.