TISAX Implementation

The TISAX Implementation is a key process for assessing and enhancing information security, ensuring compliance with automotive industry requirements. It helps increase data protection, minimize operational risk, and build business trust.


TISAX is an international standard developed by the German ENX organization, supported by VDA (German Association of the Automotive Industry). This certification is crucial for companies collaborating with the automotive industry as it confirms compliance with information security requirements and allows participation in the global automotive market.

TISAX Implementation Process:

1. Preliminary Audit: Conducting a detailed preliminary audit to assess the current state of information security in your company and identify areas needing improvement

2. Planning and Strategy: Creating an implementation plan that considers the specific needs and goals of your organization.

3. Implementation: Our team conducts a comprehensive implementation, including technical and organizational security measures and updating documentation.

Benefits of TISAX Implementation:

Increased Customer Trust: The TISAX certification demonstrates a high level of information security, increasing customer and partner trust.

Compliance with International Standards: Enables collaboration with global automotive industry leaders who demand the highest security standards.

Data Protection: Secures sensitive data against cyber threats, minimizing the risk of security breaches.

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