Our VPN deployment services offer secure, encrypted connections for remote access to corporate resources, ensuring data protection during internet transmission. An ideal solution for organizations looking to increase mobility and remote work security.


A properly secured company network is a key element but not the only one necessary. Often we need to connect with the outside world eg to set up automatic backups to an external location or allow employees to work from outside the office. In such cases, it is crucial to have a secure communication channel. It can be provided by a VPN connection. Using VPN, we can establish encrypted communication between the internal network and remote locations via Internet.

VPN implementation in the company

We base our implementations of VPN systems on Cisco hardware or open source solutions, such as SoftEther or OpenVPN.

Virtline’s team of specialists guarantees installation, configuration and management of the network.

VPN gives you the opportunity to connect to company resources through an external IT network.

What will your employees gain by encrypting the link?

Access to the company database remotely – documents, files and applications.

Encrypted communication while processing and transferring data.

Secure network access via smartphones, tablets and laptops.

Free use of email, social media and company accounts.

Employees who are away from the office can use the company’s servers to perform business tasks thanks to the VPN connection.