Our security services at Virtline focus on protecting data and IT infrastructure, offering audits, penetration testing, and training. We provide comprehensive protection against cyber threats, tailored to the individual needs of each company, to safeguard its assets.


More and more data is stored and processed digitally. As a result, security matters begin to be more challenging, both because of the increased threat level and more strict legal requirements.

Data security should be understood as safety against data loss, data leakage and the business continuity.

Implementations of security systems:

Backup systems

Intrusion Detection Systems, Intrusion Prevention Systems (IDS / IPS)

Anti-virus software

Firewall implementation.

We also verify security of the existing infrastructure by:

Information technology audit

Information security audit

Server audit

Network audit

Penetration tests.

For more information on audits, please visit Audits subpage.

We also offer to prepare our clients for ISO 27001 and TUV NORD Data Protected certification process. Gaining of one of these security certificates is a guarantee of implementing comprehensive security standards in the company, as well as a prestigious confirmation of such a state of affairs.