IT Helpdesk

Our IT Helpdesk service provides fast and efficient technical support for your company, minimizing downtime and ensuring the smooth operation of IT systems. Our team of experts is available to help resolve any technical issues, ensuring continuity of your organization's operations.

IT helpdesk 

Our company’s IT Helpdesk consists of specialized experts in the field of information security, providing comprehensive technical support. Our staff are professionals in various IT areas, including experienced auditors, IT solution designers, network and server implementation specialists, as well as application and software testers. Thanks to this, our IT Helpdesk team is able to quickly diagnose and solve a wide range of technical problems.

We are aware that IT outsourcing cannot rely solely on responding when threats emerge or a serious technical error occurs.

We provide comprehensive IT support for companies, tailoring the type of actions to the specific industry.

Take advantage of the IT support provided by our Helpdesk IT. We ensure:

Ongoing technical support – at the client’s premises or remotely.

Contact through a modern ticketing system, as well as by email or telephone.

Provision of IT services in accordance with ITIL and Agile methodologies, as well as ISO 27001 standards.

Quick response time, defined in the SLA agreement.

Technical care over corporate equipment, applications, networks, and information systems.

Continuous monitoring to assess the efficiency of IT services.

Configuration and updates of software, applications, and business programs.

How We Work?

Operation of the IT Helpdesk

Our IT Helpdesk operates from Monday to Friday, 7:00 AM – 5:00 PM. A significant part of operations can be performed remotely, allowing us to provide a quick response to reports. We guarantee that all reports will be addressed as quickly as possible. Under the agreement, we assign a specialist who communicates with the company using a modern ticketing system, telephone conversation, or email correspondence. Our goal is to provide comprehensive technical support during designated hours and quick response to all reports.

Our services include solving a variety of technical problems, such as:

Software and application issues

Technical support for IT equipment

Information security issues, including combating cyber threats

Issues with printers and scanning devices

Email problems

Problem Reporting Process

Clients can report problems through our ticketing system, telephone contact, or email correspondence. Upon reporting an issue, we assign a specialist who deals with its resolution and keeps the client updated.

Why Use IT Helpdesk?

Using our IT Helpdesk provides companies with quick and effective technical support, helping to avoid work stoppages associated with IT problems. Our team of experts offers support in various IT areas, ensuring clients that their issues will be quickly diagnosed and resolved. Additionally, our ability to perform many operations remotely saves time and resources that could be spent on technical visits to the client’s premises. As a result, using IT Helpdesk services allows companies to focus on their core activities, instead of spending time solving technical problems.