Teleinformatics Audit

A teleinformatics audit offers a comprehensive assessment of your IT infrastructure, identifying areas for improvement and increasing operational efficiency. With Virtline, you gain confidence that your IT systems are built on solid foundations.

Information security audits

The information security audit’s aim is to determine the actual level of security of the IT infrastructure. It covers all technical and administrative aspects in order to detect potential dangers to which a particular system is exposed.

The audit we offer may include the following areas:

Company’s administration

Login and monitoring

Access management

Software management

Management of operating systems on workstations

Anti-virus protection

Visitor control

General safety

Network security

Access control

Business continuity

Backup system

Information security audit is not just a verification of the current state of affairs. It is also a precise report, containing a number of recommendations, which are a great help for people responsible for safety in the company and can set a plan of action in the company for the next months or even years.