Server Audit

A server audit is an essential tool for any organization seeking to optimize and secure its IT infrastructure. We provide a detailed analysis of technical status, performance, and system security, enabling the identification and elimination of potential weaknesses.

Server audit

The server audit covers many areas of the server room functioning. While conducting an audit, we verify in detail the security level of configuration, paying attention to the efficiency of the entire system at the same time. The network audit results with a detailed report, containing a number of recommendations that can be of a great help for the company in the future months or even years.

The server audit includes the following elements:

Verification of backup copy system

Evaluation of Disaster Recovery procedures

Finding potential errors that may pose a threat to the security of the system

Safety tests of installed dynamic components

Verification of the possibility of recovering the system after data loss

Verification of access privileges to the administration of key SQL services,

Evaluation of existing services and programs

Website software security tests for the possibility of modifying information or obtaining confidential data.

The benefits of a server audit are:

Increasing the level of security in the company.

Verification of the correct configuration of servers and services.

Identification of situations that caused unstable operation of hardware.

As specialists in the IT security industry, we also offer ongoing technical support. We provide comprehensive IT support – we configure the settings, monitor the operation of the hardware and make the necessary updates.