Information Security Audit

An information security audit is fundamental for safeguarding your data in the era of digital transformation. We conduct a comprehensive analysis of systems and information management procedures, identifying potential security gaps and proposing effective solutions to ensure your information remains protected against all threats.

Information Security in a Company

An information security audit is a specialized service that assesses the level of IT security within a company. It identifies potential risks associated with the disclosure or loss of data stored in the company’s IT system.

Areas covered by our information security audit include:

Organization and administration

Logging and monitoring

Access management

Software management

Workstation system management

Antivirus protection

Visitor control

General security

Network security

Access control

Business continuity

Backup system

Personal data protection

Administrative privileges

Virtline ensures data security in numerous companies.

Information security verification through an audit does not solely rely on checking the current status of IT infrastructure and existing security measures. Upon completion, the company receives a detailed report containing a series of recommendations, which greatly assist those responsible for security within the company. It identifies potential threats and proposes IT solutions, enabling the company to develop effectively and, above all, securely.

The advice provided in the report allows for the establishment of a standardized action plan in the company for the coming months and even years, especially in the area of incident management.

Training on security procedures and policies proves to be useful in increasing awareness of threats among employees.