IT services for companies

IT outsourcing by Virtline is a flexible solution that enables companies to benefit from comprehensive IT support or selected services such as helpdesk, network administration, server management, or security. We offer tailored support to meet the specific needs of your company, ensuring the stability of your IT infrastructure.

IT services for companies

Within ITservices, we offer comprehensive technological support that includes a range of specialized services. Each of them has been designed to ensure our clients receive the highest quality of service and support. Here is a brief description of the services we provide:

IT services for companies

IT Outsourcing – Comprehensive IT Support

As a comprehensive IT service provider, we offer a full range of technological support, from managing IT infrastructure, through data security, to the development and implementation of new solutions. Our services are tailored to the individual needs of each client, allowing for cost optimization and operational efficiency improvement.

IT Helpdesk

Our IT Helpdesk provides quick and effective troubleshooting, offering remote and telephone support. This ensures users receive ongoing assistance with the daily use of software and computer equipment.

IT Network Administration

We handle comprehensive network administration, including configuration, monitoring, and optimization of computer network operations. Our services guarantee the stability and security of internal connections and internet access.

Virtualization Administration

We offer management and maintenance of virtual environments, which allows for better utilization of hardware resources, increased flexibility, and data security. Our services in this area include both server and workstation virtualization.

IT services for companies
IT services for companies

Linux and Windows Systems Administration

We specialize in the administration of Linux and Windows operating systems, ensuring their update, configuration, and continuous monitoring. Our actions aim to ensure high availability and security of the managed systems.