Network Audit

A network audit is a detailed examination of IT infrastructure, enabling the identification and protection against potential threats. We ensure comprehensive protection for your network, minimizing the risk of attacks and ensuring data security.

The network audit checks the entire IT network. The aim is to determine its weak points and to improve the system’s performance and security level.

Network audit is a very complex service which consists of:

Detailed security tests of network equipment

evaluation of computer configurations

evaluation of network equipment (HUBs, Switches, Routers)

verification of the firmware type used in given devices

Evaluation of the project and functioning of a computer network

examining the network architecture focused on security level

Testing the firewall system

evaluation of the firewall configuration

detailed scanning of services provided by the network

attempts of bypassing or destabilizing the firewall system

using errors in the implementation of network protocols to gain access to the network

gaining access to the network by using mistakes in its configuration

Listening on ports

finding all available services using TCP, UDP and ICMP protocols

finding active viruses

evaluation of mail server configuration

finding potential errors that may pose a threat to the security of the system

SPAM test

Penetration tests

IT audits assess the level of security in IT networks.

After conducting a network audit, we prepare a precise report for the client, listing both positive and negative aspects of the network infrastructure’s performance. We present a detailed plan for network modernization focusing on detected irregularities. We suggest solutions that will lead to the optimization of operations and increase the performance of network hardware.