Social Engineering Tests

Our social engineering tests are advanced attack simulations aimed at assessing security awareness among employees, enhancing the company's resilience to manipulation and internal threats.

Social engineering tests

Social engineering tests are an essential part of every company’s security strategy, focusing on the most unpredictable element of security systems – humans. The goal of these tests is to assess how easily employees can be manipulated through scams or social engineering techniques, which could lead to unauthorized access to sensitive information or systems.

As a response to this type of threat, we offer social engineering tests. Using the same methods as cybercriminals, we try to get into companies. In a result, we create a report showing weak links in the security of the company.

Staff, without thorough training in security procedures and policies, are unaware of their incorrect actions.

Doesn’t know what information it can give to outsiders.

Has difficulty vetting employees and customers.

Doesn’t use adequate security, such as passwords for mail or use a login system.

They use private equipment at work, such as a flash drive.

Hackers take advantage of human inattention. They use a variety of forms to break into an organization. Most often using manipulation techniques to do so.

While examining the human factor of the security of the company, we perform, among others:

Attempts to obtain information using phone communication

Attempts to obtain information using e-mails and text messages

Attempts to enter the facility and restricted areas of the organization

Attempts to obtain information during a direct conversation

Access attempts through spyware applications

Sending viruses via e-mail and flash drives.