Training courses

Our information security training is key to understanding and strengthening cyber security awareness in your organization. Through Virtline, employees learn best practices and data protection strategies, resulting in stronger defense against cyber threats.

Courses conducted by the best specialists in the industry

Virtline, as a company specialized in IT security, offers training courses regarding information and cyber security matters. Having in mind that even the most sophisticated IT security systems will not keep us safe from the human factor, we offer a training that will help your employees to understand dangers they might encounter and also provide them with knowledge of how to avoid and fight them.

Our engineers are the ones who on every day basis have to deal with securing both hardware and software in companies, as well as writing and implementing security procedures. Thanks to their experience they have the most up-to-date knowledge in terms of data security. Entrusting them with training of your employees will be the most reasonable choice.

Some of the topics that might be included in a course are:

Introduction to data security

Data security controller’s tasks and responsibilities

Incident management

Overall IT security rules

Common errors of IT security systems

Social engineering attacks

Attempts of extortion of information via telephones

Attempts of extortion of information via e-mails and text messages

Attempts of getting access to company’s sensitive data

Attempts of getting access to company’s restricted areas

Attempts of extortion of information during face to face conversation

Attempts of access via spyware.