IT Monitoring

Our IT monitoring service provides continuous observation and analysis of your technological infrastructure, enabling early detection and resolution of issues. This ensures operational stability and protection against unexpected failures.

IT monitoring

IT monitoring is a crucial process in managing the IT infrastructure of every company, allowing for continuous tracking and analysis of the state of computer systems, networks, and applications. This enables the assurance of high availability, performance, and security of digital resources.

We specialize in implementations based on Nagios, Cacti and Icinga environments, offering the client both commercial and free software licenses (open source). We can monitor a network, network devices, applications and servers. As a complementary service to implementations, we also offer looking after an existing monitoring.

IT monitoring can be used for:

Server monitoring, computer monitoring

Service monitoring (SMTP, HTTP, POP3, NNTP, SNMP, ICMP, FTP, SSH)

CPU load control, free space on hard drives, RAM usage

Measurement of humidity and temperature in the server room, correctness of power lines functioning

Detecting attempts of attacks at the network

Verifying correctness of the End of Day process

Verification of staff working time

Monitoring service availability.