At Virtline, we specialize in network solutions, offering a full range of services from VPN deployment and firewalls to comprehensive implementation of network infrastructure. Our network services are designed to ensure maximum performance, security, and reliability of IT systems, supporting effective communication and data protection in your organization.

IT network management in the company

Ethernet switches, also known as switches, are a crucial component in efficiently transmitting information between devices on an internal network. These network devices differ from routers in that their primary role is to connect various devices such as computers, printers, phones, and others into a coherent and efficiently functioning network.

During our implementations we use mainly Cisco, Dell, and Linux-based solutions.

IT network management in the company

The network management offer consists of:

Administration of network operating systems

Installation and configuration of active devices such as routers, peripheral devices, access points, switches, VPN hubs, terminals, access servers, etc.

Design and implementation of WAN / LAN network

WAN / LAN infrastructure audit

Server administration

Network monitoring and detection of network anomalies

Responding to possible hardware or software failures

Implementation of firewall

Anti-virus software

Implementation of wireless networks.