IDS/IPS Implementations

Optimize network security with our IDS/IPS system implementation services, which actively detect and prevent potential threats. With Virtline, you'll gain peace of mind knowing that your IT infrastructure is protected against the latest cyber threats, ensuring high availability and system reliability.

IDS/IPS system implementations

The implementation of IDS/IPS systems in a company is a solution that consists of two components: IDS and IPS. The main purpose of the service is to protect the IT infrastructure from the risk of attacks and acquisition of access data by unauthorized persons.

Implementation of IDS/IPS systems

IDS (Intrusion Detection System) is responsible for detecting attempted attacks on network infrastructure. In this view, IDS is distinguished from IPS (Intrusion Prevention System).

IPS is a system that not only detects, but also prevents and protects network infrastructure from intrusions. In the simplest terms, it can be said that an IPS is an IDS combined with a firewall. Together they form a comprehensive and integrated system for detecting and responding to unwanted intrusions occurring in the network infrastructure.

IDS/IPS implementation

IPS (Intrusion Prevention System) is a very similar system that not only detects, but also prevents intrusions and protects network infrastructure against them. It can be concluded that IPS is IDS connected to the firewall. IDS/IPS is a comprehensive system for detecting and responding to intrusions in the network infrastructure.

The most important functions of IDS/IPS systems are:

System monitoring

Detection of attacks

Immediate notifications (send to the administrator)

Automatic action taking.

At Virtline, we have experience in implementing both commercial solutions (usually based on Fortinet products) as well as open source projects (Snort).