Outsourcing - comprehensive IT support

Virtualization administration service facilitates control over IT resources, offering ease of customization and infrastructure development. We provide support at every stage - from initial setup, through daily management, to performance improvement, ensuring reliability and better system performance.

Virtualization administration – the key to efficiency and savings

Virtualization administration is a strategic solution for companies aiming to optimize IT infrastructure operation and reduce ongoing operational costs. As specialists in virtualization, we not only implement new virtual platforms but also provide comprehensive support for existing systems.

Managing virtual systems:

We handle comprehensive management of virtual systems, which includes not only maintaining their efficiency but also ensuring the security of information stored on servers. Regular reviews of system logs allow us to identify and neutralize potential threats, guaranteeing stability and continuity of IT systems’ operation.

Our virtualization administration services include:

Selection and purchase of virtualization software: We recommend the best solutions tailored to your company’s needs.

Installation and configuration of virtualization system: We provide professional implementation and optimal configuration of the chosen software.

Data security assurance: We implement advanced security mechanisms to protect data from unauthorized access and network threats.

Monitoring and optimization: Continuous monitoring of the performance and security of virtual platforms, ensuring their effective operation.

Application testing in a secure environment: We enable safe testing of new solutions without risking disruption to existing systems.

Why choose our service?

Increased efficiency: Virtualization allows for better utilization of hardware resources, resulting in higher work efficiency.

Cost reduction: Through server consolidation and optimization of IT resource management, our services help reduce operational costs.

Flexibility and scalability: Virtualization facilitates rapid adaptation to changing business needs, offering easy resource scaling.

Security and continuity of operation: We provide comprehensive security measures and data backup and recovery strategies, ensuring protection and availability of key systems.