Servers process huge amounts of data every day. A human alone can not keep up with all the changes that happen. Therefore, our engineers recommend implementation of an IT monitoring system on every server of our clients. We specialize in implementations based on Nagios, Cacti and Icinga environments, offering the client both commercial and free software licenses (open source). We can monitor a network, network devices, applications and servers. As a complementary service to implementations, we also offer looking after an existing monitoring.


A correctly implemented monitoring allows us to:

  • Foresee the occurrence of a malfunction: we are constantly being informed about all disturbing changes on the server, such as low availability of resources. Modern monitoring is able to predict even some hardware failures – eg by observing irregularities in the operation of the hard drive, we can replace it before the actual failure happens.
  • Respond quicker in the event of a malfunction: the monitoring system constantly checks the correctness of services functioning. In case of any problems it immediately notifies responsible personnel (eg by an e-mail or a text). In most of the cases, the engineer has a chance to react before the failure can affect the end-users.
  • Automation: a professional server monitoring configuration allows the system to respond to certain malfunctions on its own. This provides our clients with a guarantee of an immediate solution to a problem, at the same time lowering costs related to interventions of an IT specialist.

IT monitoring can be used for:

  • server monitoring, computer monitoring,
  • service monitoring (SMTP, HTTP, POP3, NNTP, SNMP, ICMP, FTP, SSH),
  • CPU load control, free space on hard drives, RAM usage
  • measurement of humidity and temperature in the server room, correctness of power lines functioning,
  • detecting attempts of attacks at the network,
  • verifying correctness of the End of Day process,
  • verification of staff working time,
  • monitoring service availability