Server virtualization allows you to create multiple virtual servers on a single physical machine. It means that if you need several servers (eg mail server, web server and file server) you can satisfy these needs by buying only one physical machine. Virtualization saves money on equipment and optimizes usage of owned resources. We also offer a service of comprehensive migration of existing physical environments to a virtual platform which enables virtualization of already existing systems to improve their efficiency and improve the management and administration processes.

As experienced and well trained specialists in this field, we offer implementation of all popular virtualization platforms: VMware, VSphere, Hyper-V, Proxmox, Kvm and Xen.

Benefits of server virtualization:

  • Optimization of hardware resources usage
  • Less physical equipment means lower energy consumption
  • Security – quick backups, easy managing access privileges, isolation of virtual systems
  • Continuity of systems functioning – quick switching between systems
  • Ease and safety of testing new systems and updates – we can instantly create and delete virtual systems and perform testing on them.