Network audit

The network audit checks the entire IT network. The aim is to determine its weak points and to improve the system’s performance and security level.


Network audit is a very complex service which consists of:

  • Detailed security tests of network equipment
    • evaluation of computer configurations
    • evaluation of network equipment (HUBs, Switches, Routers)
    • verification of the firmware type used in given devices
  • Evaluation of the project and functioning of a computer network
    • examining the network architecture focused on security level
  • Testing the firewall system
    • evaluation of the firewall configuration
    • detailed scanning of services provided by the network
    • attempts of bypassing or destabilizing the firewall system
    • using errors in the implementation of network protocols to gain access to the network
    • gaining access to the network by using mistakes in its configuration
  • Listening on ports
    • finding all available services using TCP, UDP and ICMP protocols
    • finding active viruses
  • Mail service system test
    • evaluation of mail server configuration
    • finding potential errors that may pose a threat to the security of the system
    • SPAM test
  • Penetration tests

The network audit results with a detailed report, containing a number of recommendations that can be of a great help for the company in following months or even years.